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How our website can save you money on your monthly electricity bill

CutMyBill allows you to find out which of your utility companies rates plans will be cheapest given your power usage habits.

While some utilities have this functionality available if you log into their website, many still do not let you find out this information easily. In fact, many people aren't even aware that when you sign up for an electric service from your utility that there is a choice of plans.

We combine our database of available electric rate plans with publicly available information produced by the Energy Information Administration (www.eia.gov) about what typical energy patterns look like for different types of houses and commercial buildings in different parts of the country.

This energy use profiling is very important given that most utilities now offer time of use rate plans. The energy profiling gives you enough of a ball park as to whether or not your utility has a cheaper rate plan to give you an idea if it is worth calling them.

The second advantage of our site is that once we estimate your cheapest rate plan we can automatically run a solar simulation on the power usage profile we calculate to see how much money you could save by installing solar panels. CutMyBill is the first solar calculator available for free to the public that can accurately predict solar savings even when time of use rates plans are in place.