Andy Sendy - author of CutMyBill

Andy Sendy

Andrew Sendy is the Chairman of Solar Investments Inc and also Chairman of the largest solar panel installation company in South Australia.

Andy has quite a unique working background and writes on the residential solar industry in America from a unique perspective.

He grew up on a farm but first worked professionally as a corporate lawyer for two of Australia's largest corporate law firms, ran a pizza shop and he founded the successful Australian software company Strategic Ecommerce (He sold it to a larger company in 2007 and it still operates today). In 2008 he followed a curiosity into the solar panel installation industry and he hasn't looked back.

His Australian solar company has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in that market and is amongst only a handful of Australian solar installers to be awarded the SolarQuotes platinum installer award (more than 200 reviews with a satisfaction score above 4.5/5). He was one of the first to pioneer displaying his companies installed system prices on the web and is passionate about the quality and transparency of the information that is available to consumers who are considering solar. His mission is to weed out the cowboys and snake oil merchants from the newly emerging US residential solar installations market. He believes this will be done by sharing accurate and transparent information with all those that seek it.

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